Too many new business owners, may have issues distinguishing the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOGO, HEADER and banner.

Too many new business owners, may have issues distinguishing the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOGO, HEADER and banner. At first glance, they are discussing the same issue, but they aren’t. Each one can contribute to the overall perception of your brand. Therefore familiarity is key. In addition, to thrive in this competitive business world, you must be clear with the Lingo or Jargon used in the industry to comprehend what other people, such as the designers, printers, and developers, are talking about. If you ever need assistance in the future with your logo, header, or banner, you will be able to interact effectively with the designer or developer.

What is a Logo?

A logo is just a graphic utilized to identify your business or website. It comprises colors, style, symbols, and text that make up the image. Everyone who matters, including clients, rivals, and partners, can identify your company or website just by looking at the picture. Some good examples of logos like MacDonald, Coca-cola, Pepsi, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Can be recognized simply and instantaneously globally, even without spelling their entire names.

A header is a label that describes the content that follows it.

Every page of your site, except a landing page or a sales page, has a header, a picture at the top. It is generally horizontal in size, including mostly the logo, tagline, or other components such as social networking symbols, advertisement banners, or search bar. The header, typically featuring the site’s primary color, and the footer, which can see at the bottom of web pages, work together to establish the site’s overall aesthetic.

What is a Banner?

Internet banners, or banners, are use for purposes distinct from those of a website’s header or logo. It is generally use for educational or advertising reasons and come in varied sizes and orientation. For example, include the leaderboard, wide skyscraper, and medium rectangle banners. The main standard advertisement banners widths are 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600; they are responsible for producing 78% of company based.

Just what does “Graphic Design” entail?

The practice of graphic design involves using visual elements such as typography, photography. And illustration to convey information and solve problems. The phrase “graphic design” is often use interchangeably with “visual communication” and “communication design,” although “visual communication” and “communication design” are more accurate classifications.

To convey ideas and information visually, graphic designers develop and blend symbols, images, and text. Visual compositions use typography, visual arts, and page layout approaches.


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