How To Select Multiple Elements In The Visual Page Editor

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Input several data points

The ability to emphasize a single choice

Clicking on a data point in a Power BI report’s visualization will highlight it. If you’re viewing a report page and click on a particular data element in a bar chart. You’ll see that the same data is highlighted in all of the other visuals on the page. Simple selection highlighting, as used here. The following picture illustrates a simple emphasis.

Selecting multiple items at once

With multi-select, you can select multiple metrics from your report and see them highlighted in different places on the page’s visuals. For example, “highlight results for Idaho and Virginia” is functionally equal to a statement. Select numerous points in visualization by holding down CTRL while clicking. The following picture illustrates the selection of various data points.

To pick multiple elements, use the rectangle select.

Rectangular select, also known as lasso select, allows users to choose numerous. Data components in a single visual or multiple visuals in a single report.

Choose several images to overlay on the canvas.

By clicking and dragging to make a rectangle lasso, you can choose many images and report components at once. All images completely encompasse by the lasso are chosen. Additional lassoing adds visual selections to the existing. Multi-select if the Ctrl or Shift key is presse (as you multi-select by Ctrl + clicking separate visuals).

If a lassoed image is already select, pressing Ctrl or Shift deselects it. Instead of selecting individual images within groups.

The rectangular lasso selection does not trigger an automated canvas scroll.

You can pick out several segments of data in a diagram by

Both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service include the same rectangle lasso methods for selecting numerous data points within a display.

Ctrl-key Multiselection of rectangular areas

The Ctrl key allows you to choose several data points. In a visual by clicking and dragging them inside the visual. As soon as you let go of the mouse. All points within the selection. rectangle will pick, and your lasso selections will remain intact. It is the same as if you had clicked each point separately with Ctrl. And deselected them using the lasso to choose an area that includes them.

Shift-key Multiselection in a rectangular area

By pressing and holding Shift while using the lasso selection tool. You can keep the highlighted data points you’ve already chosen. Shift, thus, only adds data points to your selection rather than toggling data points. In the specified area when used in conjunction with a lasso-select.

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