How to start your own stationery business

Have you considered using your talents as an illustrator or designer to make a living? Starting your own stationery business? This post will show you the ropes, from where to go for ideas and inspiration, where to go to source materials, and even who to hire to print your finished products. In this topic we discussed about the start your own stationery business.

As of late, I’ve also been running my own greeting card company, in addition to my job at Yes.

As a means to hone my artistic abilities, I launched a stationery company

I have compiled a list of considerations to help you get started with your own greeting card and stationery business. I’m just speaking from my own experience here; there’s no one “correct” way to do anything. I have just started in this field, so I have much to learn.

So, what exactly are stationery items?

Greeting cards, custom invitations, art prints, patches, pins, notebooks, and calendars are just a few of the many items that fall under the umbrella term “stationery.” Stationery retailers Paperchase, Caroline Gardener, and Rifle Paper Co. are all fantastic examples of thriving brands. Making greeting cards is usually the first step for most card designers. In this article, we’ll talk primarily about the greeting card industry.

Greeting card making: the art of making money!

Design professionals and artists may get their work into the hands of consumers quickly and at a low cost by having it printed on greeting cards. However, it might be tough to stand apart in a competitive market. Here are a few of my top suggestions for getting going.

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1. Studying Current Developments

Before starting as a greeting card designer, it is highly recommended that you visit relevant trade events to gain insight into current industry trends.

Top-drawer and SpringFair, are two of the UK’s most popular consignment markets. You’ll be motivated to think outside the box, and the most effective method to learn is to study your rivals’ strategies and develop your distinctive selling proposition.

2. Perform tasks using groups or sets

Rather than designing individual cards, focus on creating sets of six to twelve. Perform tasks by constructing sets or ranges. Produce a set of 6-12 cards that, when placed next to one another on a store shelf, look cohesive, consistent, and attractive. For instance, if you want to make floral wedding cards, you need to come up with no less than six and no more than twelve unique designs.

3. Make items that can be used for different events

Create at least 50 designs for various events before approaching stores, publishers, or marketplaces. Buyers prefer to have options when it comes to purchasing greeting cards. If you want to grow your collections successfully, please take your time and try to enjoy the journey.

4. To avoid waste, print in limited quantities.

Don’t print in bulk unless you’ve had a chance to evaluate the quality with a local printer or an online print provider (most offer sample prints so you can learn more about paper stock and quality). is my go-to when I need holiday cards, gift wrap, or a print for the living room! Awesome Merchandise is where you can get your illustrations printed on stuff like stickers, notebooks, and pocket mirrors.

5. Regional Craft Shows and Markets

If you want to know what people will buy once you have enough designs, you can check what’s being sold in local art fairs and markets. Compared to expensive trade shows, this option is much more affordable. Instagram and Facebook are your best bet for discovering nearby markets.

In addition, I keep up with groups like the Greeting Card Association and Just A Card, which are excellent tools for those working in the greeting card industry.

6 – Take your business online

This is for you if you’re just starting and can’t afford to print and mail anything! If you are not yet comfortable selling at trade shows and markets, using print-on-demand (POD) companies like Thorful, Redbubble, and Society6 is a great method to test your designs to see which ones are most likely to be successful before printing them yourself or approaching card publishers.

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